About me

DJ Melanie Jane 1Melanie Jane photographer 1I grew up on the tropical east coast of South Africa, surrounded by a rich and evocative mix of scents, colours and cultures. Music was the passionate love of my mother and from the earliest age I was exposed to the sounds and beats of the seventies and eighties. Later I was gripped by the arrival of dance music and the underground clubbing scene. I gathered together a huge collection of vinyls and digital downloads and developed, over the years, an uncanny ability to put together tracks from an exciting range of genres, creating my unique mixes.

DJ Melanie Jane 2Melanie Jane photographer 2For me, the sound of music was always associated with the power of the image.  My father is a keen photographer and, as a child, I keenly observed his every move, characteristically determined to understand and try for herself. Using at first a simple SLR camera, painstakingly teaching myself through black and white photography and later graduating to a Canon Digital SLR, I gradually developed the knowledge and skill to express my visual talent and produce my highly inventive images.